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Accessing Special Services

504 vs. IEP

Child Find

The process used to locate, evaluate and identify youth, age birth to 21, who need special education and related services, regardless of the severity of their disability. It is an IDEA mandate, that seeks to locate all children with disabilities who would benefit from public services.

Child Find Referral Form

For more information on Child Find from OSPI, click here

How special education works (from OSPI)

A 10-Step Guide to the Special Education Process

Special education is governed by numerous processes and procedures designed to provide your student with an appropriate educational program. You do not need to become an expert in all areas of special education to be a good educational advocate for your student. Having a firm understanding of the basic special education processes and procedures, however, will help you navigate each step along the way.

The following is an overview of 10 important steps in the special education processes that mark the progression of every student’s special education program. This list is not comprehensive; it serves as a guide to helping you understand where you might be in the process and what procedures may be applicable.