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Mental Health Support

Mead School District Staff strive to ensure each student is Future Ready and empowered to Dream, Believe, and Achieve.  We use an Upstream approach to issues related to mental health, substance use, and suicide which includes focusing on youth before any possible risk of suicide has developed. We seek opportunities to build resiliency by promoting mental wellness, enhancing protective factors, creating a sense of belonging, developing problem-solving skills, and build communities that support those protective factors.  We collaborate with many community partners to support our youth and families, and additionally, we have trained staff who are able to respond to suicide or other mental health/substance use crisis in the event a student needs that level of support.

Find links to more information about other related topics in the menu on this page. Please also view the calendar below for upcoming awareness campaigns and events. 

Please note that the events identified in the calendar below may include local and national events that are not hosted or sponsored by the Mead School District.  The inclusion of events on the calendar may include views and opinions expressed by that event and those of the speakers, and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the Mead School District. Community members are asked to conduct their own research on whether that event is right for them.  

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