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COVID-19 Info

To help keep everyone safe and healthy, staff and students adhere to the requirements set forth below. 

Washington Department of Health:  2021-22 K-12 COVID Requirements

Spokane Regional Health District:  2021-22 K-12 COVID Requirements

COVID Coordination Committee Roles and Responsibilities
Jared Hoadley, Assistant Superintendent
Carrie Dinwoodie, RN
Ruth Erb, RN
Todd Zeidler, Public Information Officer

The COVID Coordination Committee (CCC) was developed in response to the requirement from the state (Department of Health Document #820-113) to have a District COVID-19 Coordinator that ensures consistency in its adherence to the health and safety protocols required by Washington Department of the Health (DOH), Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD), Labor & Industries and Office of the Governor. This committee receives proposals for activities, events or classroom procedures and provides feedback to keep all students and staff as safe as possible. This process includes review of the safety protocols that apply to the proposal. Suggestions are given, in accordance with requirements and protocols set forth by DOH, SRHD, L&I and Governor’s Office, to ensure students and/or staff are safe.

This committee also maintains consistent communication channels with Spokane Regional Health District on revisions to and application of local health and safety guidance. Changes and updates are then communicated with staff, families and students as needed.

This committee does not deny or approve proposals. It also does not create the rules set forth by state or local health officials. This committee ensures these rules are followed. However, if the committee cannot find a safe way to do something, we work with the proposing group on alternate activities, events or classroom procedures.

This committee meets weekly to update inventory of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), review district case counts, review proposals, and write staff and family communications.