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Elementary Counseling (K-5)

Elementary school social workers and school counselors also provide consultation, education and referrals for social, emotional and behavioral issues that may arise for students and families. Please feel free to call on the social worker or counselor at your school to talk about any concerns you have.

We are professionals that are in a specialized area of practice who bring unique knowledge and skills to the school system and the student services team. 

Elementary Counseling Center Home

Mead Learning Options Counseling Center Home

Contact Information for MSD Elementary School Counselors and Social Workers:


Kimberly McNees, School Counselor (509) 465-6225
Colbert Jennifer Hoglund, School Counselor (509) 465-6367
Creekside Jennifer Oglesbee, School Social Worker  (509) 867-2225
Evergreen Tina Caskey, School Social Worker (509) 465-6425
Farwell Danett Margaris, School Social Worker (509) 465-6525
Meadow Ridge  Debbie Wiechert, School Social Worker (509) 465-6637
Midway Rachel Brady, School Counselor (509) 465-6768
Prairie View Lindsey Toth, School Counselor (509) 465-7849
Shiloh Hills Natalee Reid, School Counselor (509) 465-6866
Skyline  Debbie Cox, School Social Worker (509) 867-2325
Mead Learning Options    Alyssa St. Clair, School Counselor (509) 465-7776