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High School (9-12) Athletics

Participation in athletics can enhance the development of the values of cooperation, honesty, sportsmanship, responsibility, respect, perseverance, and commitment. Students will be encouraged to develop their athletic skills and compete to the best of their abilities. The Mead School District provides a supportive environment in which students can pursue athletic experiences that maximize their potential.

High School Athletics Programs Offered
Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Slow Pitch Softball, Volleyball
Winter: Gymnastics, Basketball, Wrestling
Spring: Track, Baseball, Golf, Fast Pitch Softball, Soccer, Tennis

High School Sports
Mead HS Athletics Programs                             
Mt. Spokane HS Athletic Programs

Activity Participation Fee Information
Any student, who wishes to participate in one or more extra-curricular activities, will pay an annual participation fee, approved by the School Board of Directors: Middle School $35 and High School $45. The purpose of this annual fee is to allow Mead to continue our K-12 extra-curricular activities and programs. Mead students will be required to pay their fee prior to participation in sports and/or activities. The participation fee may be waived or reduced dependent upon a student’s free or reduced lunch status.