Mead School District 354
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You can generate an email to staff by clicking on their name. Click the department heading to go the department website
Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 7:30 to 4:00. Holiday and summer hours may vary. 


Shawn Woodward, Superintendent  
Jolene Andres, Executive Assistant to Superintendent

Learning & Teaching 

Heather Havens, Assistant Superintendent
Rob Haugen, Director  (Elementary Education)509-465-6040
Mark St. Clair, Director  (Secondary Education)

Special Services

Suzanne McKibbon, Director 509-465-7600
Kellie Timberlake, Assistant Director 509-465-7600

Career & Technical Education and STEM

Doug Edmonson, Director 509-465-7655
Korbie YeomanExecutive Assistant 509-465-7637
Sarah Krop, Administrative Assistant 509-465-7653

Technology Services

Doug Edmonson, Director 509-465-7655
Korbie Yeoman,  Executive Assistant 509-465-7637
Sarah Krop, Administrative Assistant.    509-465-7653

Student & Family Services

Josh Westermann, Director 509-465-6008
Kelly Schultz, Coordinator 509-465-6008

Business and Operations

Jared Hoadley, Assistant Superintendent

Human Resources

Keri Hutchins, Director 509-465-6039
Andrea Jimenez, Executive Administrative Assistant 509-465-6007

Business Services

Wayne Leonard, Chief Financial Officer
Heather Ellingson, Director 509-465-6017
Carla Scott,Executive Assistant to Business Services 509-465-6011

Nutrition Services

Kim Elkins, Director
Mark Oswalt, Assistant Director 509-465-6100


Rich SaccomannoDirector of Materials and Operations 509-465-6036

Other Services

Facilities & Planning - Ned Wendle, Director 509-465-7657

Maintenance & Operations - Travis Bown, Director 509-465-6138

Transportation - Brian Liberg, Director 509-465-6107

Custodial Services - Cathy Fayant, Director

Copy Center & Warehouse - Rich Saccomanno 509-465-6167

Student Health Services (Mead School Nurses) 509-465-6000

Public Records 509-465-6000