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Levy & Bond Info


Mead School District voters passed a three-year renewal levy for educational programs and operations on the Special Election ballot on February 9, 2021. This renewal levy is not a new tax, it replaces a three-year levy that expires in 2021. 

The renewal levy supports the Mead School District commitment to learning and teaching, focuses on equity and access for all students and ensures ongoing funding for essential services that meet needs of students and teachers.

Strategic priorities developed through community feedback are the backbone of the renewal levy and are fundamental to the student experience. These improvements, among others, will continue to strengthen our schools and prepare our students for the future:

  • Support for at-risk students K-12
  • Mental health support for students
  • Career-track opportunities for 9-12 students (internships)

What are school levies for?

Levies provide local funding that bridges the gap between what state and federal governments pay for and the actual costs of operating our schools. Levies make up about 11.7% of the district's total operating revenue.

With state revenues down, we anticipate state funding cuts. Locally-approved funding will help fill the gap between what the state funds and what our students and teachers need to be successful.

School levies also activate equalization dollars from the state called Local Effort Assistance (LEA). When a levy is passed, the state provides matching dollars to enhance student access to educational enrichments. 

What will the levy cost taxpayers? 

If approved by voters on Feb. 9, the estimated levy tax rate for Mead School District would be $2.00 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. For a $300,000 home, that equals $600 per year or $50 per month.

The table below shows the previous and upcoming tax rates for the District, which will remain among lowest in the Spokane County area. 

Year Levy Bonds Total ($/$1,000 assessed home/property value)
2017 $4.01 $1.27 $5.28*
2018 $3.68 $1.19 $4.87*
2019 $1.50 $1.93 $3.43
2020 $1.47 $1.86 $3.33
2021 $1.47 $1.86 $3.33
2022-24 $2.00 $1.86 $3.86**

 *Before the Washington State "McCleary Decision" that capped school levies

** Includes this proposed Renewal Levy's estimated future tax rate

What does a levy fund?

The current levy funds many different areas that fall outside of state-funded basic education, including items our community has come to expect of the Mead School District:

  • Extra-curricular activities (sports, music, activities and clubs)
  • Elective courses, staff for smaller class sizes, career-track and work-based learning opportunities
  • Student support (nurses, para educators, counselors and social workers)
  • More here...