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Schoology Connection  

Pronunciation for Schoology  /Skoo-luh-jee/
Connecting Parents/Guardians to the Schoology platform and myMead Courses
Schoology is the name of the our Learning Management system and myMead is our Enterprise account.
Parents and guardians can connect with their student's classroom online, receive information about the course, events, assignments, tests, quizzes, the course calendar, and direct messages from a teacher. Parents will still go to PowerSchool for official grades and attendance. The Schoology platform is offered as a tool for staff to use in the classroom but it is not required. Not all staff are using myMead to present information to their students.
To open an account you need a unique identifier for your student(s) – a "Parent Access Code." Parents use the Parent Access Code when they create an account or to associate a student to an account they have already created. Parents will be able to see all of the classes the student has in myMead. If you have not received a Parent Access Code from a teacher you can request one. You will need an access code for each child you have attending  school in our district. Once you have created an account and linked your child or children it does not need to be done again
To Create a Schoology/myMead Account
2. Choose Parent.
 Sign up  button at Choose Parent.
  3. Type in the Parent Access Code provided to you by a
teacher in your student's school to create your account.
Box to type in Parent Access Code
  4. You can use the "Add Child" button to add another student to your account. You need his or her unique "Parent Access Code" to add them to your account.
Once your account is created the login address for parents is:

Tip from Schoology: Parents must have an account at each of their children's schools. For example, if a parent has one child at a High School, and one child at a Middle School, the parent must have accounts at both schools, and use the linking feature to toggle between accounts. The feature allows each school to manage your parent account settings appropriately, and to communicate with you seamlessly.

Mead School District uses PowerSchool for official grades and attendance not myMead. 

Schoology has a short Parent View Video listed below. The front page has change but the information is still correct. Please remember, we use PowerSchool to post Attendance and Grades. (Video 04:32 Schoology 2012)