Mead School District 354
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What Can I Do Now?

What Can I Do in the Parent/Guardian Portal?
Select a student from the tabs at the top of the left menu.
The options in that left menu pertain to the selected student (the name in white).
  • View grades, assignments (secondary) or standards grades (elementary) or the grade history for a secondary student.
  • Check out your student’s attendance history.
  • Set up email notifications concerning grades (secondary) or attendance from PowerSchool.
  • Review comments teachers have added regarding your student’ learning and school experience.
  • If your school uses it, review the School Bulletin for the day.
  • If your school permits it, see your student’s requests for next year classes or the classes themselves, once they are finalized.
  • See a grid with your students current classes.
  • Get your school’s address, phone or fax.
  • Change your password or add another student to your account  
  • Update your student’s demographic information online via InfoSnap
  • View past messages, designate to  which email address or phone number you want types of messages sent and set up to receive SMS text messages
  • Anytime, add medical information about your child, get notifications from the nurse about healthroom visits or medication administration and inventory or update emergency contacts.