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Create a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account Text Directions

 Create a new PowerSchool Parent Single Sign-on Account/Add Another Student

  1.  Call your child’s school office to get the guardian web access ID and password for him/her.
  2.  Go to the Parent Portal website at
  3. The PowerSchool Login screen will open. Ignore the Sign In tab for now and click on the  Create Account tab.
  4. On the next page, click the button to Create Account.
  5. The “Create Parent Account” screen will open.  In the upper half enter your First Name, Last Name
    and Email address.
  6. Type in whatever you’d like to use as your User Name and Password. ( Strong passwords are longer. They include upper and lowercase letters, numerals and / or special characters such as # or *.
  7. In the Link Students section, type the full name of your first student.
  8. Next enter the case-sensitive Guardian's access ID( sometimes called the Guardian We ID).
  9. in the next box type in the Access Password (sometimes called the Guardian's Password) for that child.
    These are available from your child's school.
  10. Select your relationship ( for example, mother, father,aunt) for the child, then click the Enter button in the lower right.
  11. If you have more than one child to link to this account it's simpler to do so after you create the account and log in.
  12. Log into PowerSchool, using the User Name and new Password you created above.
  13. Once you have logged in, click on theAcount Preferences button in the left menu on the screen.
  14. Choose the Students tab, then click the Add button to see the Add Student window.
  15. Complete the same process for entering information that you did for the first student:Student's full name, Guardian's Access ID and Password for that student. Repeat the process for any additional students. Then submit.