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Highly Capable


Mead School District is committed to identifying and providing for the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of our highly capable students in preparing them academically for college and career readiness.

 Program Goals

Highly capable students will receive accelerated and enhanced learning opportunities to advance academic achievement and growth through a menu of options. Services will be designed to address the unique learning needs of each student and therefore, may vary from one student to the next.

Annual Notification

Annual public notification for any major identification window shall be made in multiple ways including our district website, district publication Mead Matters, and school newsletters. 


Timeline of Referrals/Testing

  1. Fall – Grades 1-12 testing new students' referrals.
  2. October - Kindergarten referrals.   
  3. November/December - Kindergarten testing
  4. January - February:  Referral window opens; forms available online and at school offices.
  5. February/March:  2nd and 3rd grade CogAT Screener / 6th Grade Verbal CogAT
  6. March- May:  K-12 CogAT Testing

Appeals will be considered for students who did not meet the criteria for services provided by the district. The multidisciplinary team will examine provided evidence of high ability and need for service placement.

Students may retest given the following conditions:
  1. It has been over 9 months since the student last tested, and
  2. The student is enrolled in at least one grade level higher than when they last tested.
New/Transfer Students

Out-of-district transfer students that have qualified in that district’s highly capable program are not automatically enrolled. Test scores and placement letters from the other district may be used as long as they meet our placement criteria. Students may need to re-test in Mead. New students or transfer students with former Highly Capable designation need to be reevaluated for identification within 3 months of enrollment.


Assessments & Selection Process

Grade Level Bands K - 2nd 3rd - 6th 7th - 12th
Nomination/Referral Forms Teacher/Parent Referral Form Teacher/Parent Referral Form Teacher/Parent Referral Form
Evaluation Criteria
  • CogAT Teacher/Parent Referral Form
  • Running Records - Advanced Level
  • District assessments at grade level benchmark or, higher
  • Work Samples
  • Report Card
  • CogAT/InView All 2017/2018 3rd graders - March CogAT screen, 85% percentile score receives full CogAT
  • Teacher/Parent Referral Form
  • District Achievement assessments at grade level benchmark or, higher
  • State testing at high levels
  • Work Samples
  • Report Card
  • Grades 7 & 8 Teacher/Parent Referral Form
  • Grade 6 Verbal CogAT and Grade 6 Lexile for Grade 7
  • District achievements at grade level benchmark or, higher
  • State testing at high levels
  • Work Samples
  • Report Card
Assessment (cognitive abilities)
  • *90th percentile CogAT sections (Q, V, NV)
  • *90th percentile  CogAT sections (Q, N, NV)
  • *90th percentile CogAT sections (Q, N, NV)