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School Funding Overview

Washington State, in response to the McCleary lawsuit, recently passed legislation increasing state funding for schools while decreasing the amount school districts can collect via local levies. Beginning in September 2018 (transition half-year), with full implementation in 2019, the amount provided by the state and our local levy changes. For the Mead School District the state percentage will increase from 72% to 81% and the levy will decrease from 22% to 13%. Federal funds provide 6% of our General Fund budget.
Included in this legislation are new rules regarding what state monies can be used for and what are appropriate expenditures for local levy funds. In a nutshell, local levy funds must pay for "enrichment" activiites like after school sports. State funds are to be used for what are considered "basic" education expenses.
Over the course of the summer and throughout the 2018-2019 school year we will be updating and adding information that we hope will help explain these funding changes, answer questions and provide transparency. Please email any specific questions you may have to