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6-8 Grade Middle School Transition » Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Areas identified for study and consideration:
  • Identify what the after school opportunities (athletic, club, music, etc.) will be for 6th graders.
  • Determine the after school athletic schedule for 6th graders.
      - Sports offered and length of season.
      - Fees, if any.
      - Facility availability (practice & competition).
      - Impact on 5th grade athletics.
  • Determine the after school club schedule/opportunities for 6th graders.
  • Determine what the music program will look like for 6th graders.
      - Band/Choir/Orchestra - part of the regular school day or before school program.
      - Fees, if any.
      - Impact on 4th & 5th grade programs. 
  • Recommend the after school athletic plan, club opportunities and schedule for 6th graders.
  • Recommend the music program for 6th graders.