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Elementary Social Workers/Counselors

Elementary School Social Workers/Counselors

Thank you for coming to the homepage of the Mead Elementary Social Workers/Counselors. Perhaps you have already met one of us. We work with the school staff, parents and students to help all children succeed. We provide support, education and referrals for social, emotional and behavior issues.  Please feel free to call on the social worker at your school to talk about any concerns you have.

Go to our community resource page on the right for information about local agencies, groups and other service providers. This list includes resources for basic needs, emergency services, health care and other services for families and children. The social worker in your school can also assist you with these services. 
 Brentwood                  (509) 465-6200   Kristin Swan
 Colbert                        (509) 465-6300   Melissa Pittz
 Evergreen                   (509) 465-6400   Tina Heimbigner
 Farwell                        (509) 465-6500   Danett Magaris
 Meadow Ridge            (509) 465-6600   Debbie Wiechert
 Midway                        (509) 465-6700   Rachel Brady
 Prairie View                 (509) 465-7800   Kim Wolfe
 Shiloh Hills                  (509) 465-6800   Jennifer Oglesbee
 SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK is a specialized area of practice within the broad field of the social work profession. School social workers bring unique knowledge and skills to the school system and the student services team. School Social Workers/Counselors are instrumental in furthering the purpose of the schools: To provide a setting for teaching, learning, and for the attainment of competence and confidence. School social workers are hired by school districts to enhance the district's ability to meet its academic mission, especially where home, school and community collaboration is the key to achieving that mission.