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Substitute Information

Thank you for the interest you have shown in the Mead School District and the time and effort you will give to our students. When you multiply the numbers of days substitutes provide service in our classrooms by the number of students in those classrooms it is easy to see the tremendous impact you have on our education program.

Please review the information below to gather more background about our general procedures and answer many of the questions you may have regarding substitute teaching in our District. For more in-depth information, please reference our Substitute Handbook linked below. 
For questions about substituting in the Mead School District, the Substitute Services Specialist is available by phone at 509-465-6023.  
Substitute Handbook
Substitutes are expected to follow the employee handbook as well as all district policies and procedures.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute with the Mead School District. In order for us to provide a timely response to your application, please be sure to read the information below in its entirety.

 Requirements for a Substitute:
  • Applicants must meet any educational and certificate requirements and be able to submit an official transcript when applicable. Applicants with transcripts from a college or university located outside the United States must have the transcripts evaluated by an accredited international degree equivalency evaluator before submitting documents.
  • Applicants must complete an online application which may include an online skill assessment.
  • Applicants are required to be fingerprinted. The cost for fingerprinting is approximately $55.25 and is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Applicants meeting the first three criteria must complete “What Every Employee Needs to Know” trainings and must attend a substitute orientation in order to be considered for placement on the substitute list.
  •  Applicants should have a valid email address in order to receive information and other communications from the Substitute Services. If you do not have an email address, you can create one for free through google or yahoo or other similar email engines.
Initial Application Process
Please complete the online application for the appropriate Substitute position. All requested items (assessments, transcripts, diplomas, certifications, etc.) must be completed and attached to the application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Once the application is complete, the Substitute Services department will review the information. When the application and background check has been approved, the Substitute Services will schedule you to an orientation date, and will notify you via email.

***Substitute applications are accepted on an ongoing/as needed basis throughout the year.

Substitute Renewal Process
Eligibility for remaining on the substitute list each year is met by completing the minimum work requirement established by the district, completing all required steps laid out in the reasonable assurance letters by the appropriate due date and by adhering to policy and procedures at all times.

Substitute work is not a guarantee of continuing employment. 
All substitutes work on an “on call/as needed” basis. The Administrative Assistants in the schools will provide you with more detailed information regarding various duties and individual policies and procedures when you report for your assignment.  However, typical work days are described below.

Certificated Positions:
A full day for certificated staff is normally defined as working 7 1/2 hours from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Elementary schools and 7:20 am to 2:50 pm at the secondary schools. This includes lunch. A half-day is defined as 3 3/4 hours.

Substitutes are expected to show up at the beginning of the substitute assignment which will allow substitute teachers to familiarize themselves with lesson plans and other duties, assignment, and events for the day. It is expected that substitutes leave at the assigned end time of the assignment after completing notes for the returning teacher, straightening the room, and attending to any problems or concerns which may have arisen through the day before leaving.

Substitutes who have only 1-2 periods to teach in a half-day assignment are expected to work 3 3/4 hours and to ask the principal or school secretary for other tasks that will benefit the school, such as assisting in other class rooms.

Please check in with the building Administrative Assistant before leaving the building during any time of the day. Your services may be needed in another classroom for that period of time.

Classified Positions:
Please refer to the posted position times for the start and end time for the position. Please plan to work the entire time frame posted.

Please check in with the building Administrative Assistant at both the beginning of the shift and prior to leaving for the day.
Payment is based upon working the entire substitute assignment. Substitutes must sign into the Building office upon arriving at the worksite prior to reporting to the appropriate classroom. Payday is the last workday of the month following the assignment. Substitutes should check out with the office prior to leaving for the day.
Certificated Subs:   2021-22 Rate
   Per Day   $155.00
   Per Half Day   $77.50
Classified Subs:   Per Hour:
Food Services Subs   $13.50
Para Educator Subs - Supervision/Instructional   $15.48
Para Educator Subs - Behavioral/Personal Care Support   $16.98
Custodial Subs   $16.58
Bus Driver Subs   $18.95
Bus Assistant Subs   $15.48
Administrative Assistant Subs   $17.03
Nurse Subs   $22.20
Cook   $14.81