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Dual Language Immersion

Mead School District's Dual Language Immersion Program is committed to empowering students to become “future ready” global citizens. The program is grounded in the 3 Pillars of Dual Language Education, allowing students to:
  • Become bilingual and biliterate
  • Have high academic achievement in both languages
  • Develop respect and appreciation for other cultures
  • Be prepared for meaningful participation in the global community
Key Ideas About Dual Language
  • All subject areas are taught in both languages throughout the course of the K-5 program, though at different ratios each year.
  • Equity for all groups is a major component to dual language: equitable access to resources, linguistic equity, and cultural equity.
  • Dual language education is Washington’s priority English language development program model for all eligible English learners.
Participation in our Dual Language Immersion Program is voluntary and limited. For consideration, please fill out an interest form: Click here to complete DLI Interest Form.
For more information, check out the FAQ and brochures below or contact:
Robin Placzek, Assistant Director, State and Federal Programs
[email protected]
Dual Language Immersion is an educational model in which children learn to think, read, write, and speak in two languages. The benefits of Dual Language programs include:
  • Students acquire the ability to use both languages in oral and written form, eventually reaching native like proficiency in both languages. The bilingual brain is a flexible and resilient one!
  • Dual language closes achievement gaps by the late elementary years, with bilingual students consistently outperforming monolingual students in reading by high school.
  • As part of their educational journey, students develop an appreciation for and deep understanding of diverse cultures. Differences are seen as opportunities to connect rather than obstacles to overcome.
  • Proficiency in a second language and strong intercultural competency skills open up future employment possibilities in the global arena.
  • Spanish is the partner language for the program at Midway Elementary.
  • Enrollment priority will be given to students whose native language is not English.
  • Our District will use an 80:20 model for language instruction; in kindergarten and 1st grade, 80% of instruction is in Spanish and 20% in English.
  • Each school year, more instruction in English is added until a 50:50 model is reached by fourth grade.
  • Commit to K-5 participation in the program.
  • Develop an understanding of language immersion education.
  • Partner with your child's teacher each year to understand and support your child's unique learning needs.
  • Read to your child (in English) 20-30 minutes per day.
  • Encourage the use of Spanish outside of school.
  • Celebrate your child's hard work!