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MVP Students

Students Enjoy Flexibility
  • Students will use a single sign-on to login to access coursework on a time schedule that works for them. They will view and participate in online instruction, and complete assignments.
  • Students are able to access curriculum 24/7
  • Students can move at their own pace, leveraging vertical progression rather than being bound by grade level constraints.
  • Students are able to enjoy family activities or participate in responsibilities outside of school because of the flexibility of the online coursework.
  • Students access a broad menu of enrichment and support resources.
Students and Teachers Connect
  • Students make weekly contact with a certified teacher, and will participate in a monthly overall progress review
  • Students reach out to certificated teachers, mentors, and specialized support when needed
    Teachers have office hours
  • Opportunities for small group instruction and tutoring
  • Opportunities to collaborate on group projects with other students
  • Teachers seek students out to provide the feedback that helps the student master the skills needed for continued growth
Students use a Variety of Learning Tools
  • online lessons and lectures
  • interactive activities
  • virtual classroom sessions
  • instructional videos
  • independent activities
  • dialogue between teachers and classmates
  • available in-person academic support sessions
Electives and Enrichment
  • Students Optionally Participate in Extracurriculars/Electives
  • Electives such as PE, art, world language, CTE
  • Students have access to district sports and on-site extracurricular activities
  • Occasional field trips or other community-building activities
Not a traditional model tied to a traditional school day schedule
Not a homeschool program
  • Parents are not responsible for delivering the curriculum
Not for students who thrive in a classroom with other students
Not just any online program. This program is innovative and flexible to the needs of the student
Expectations What does that look like?
  • Attend classes daily
  • I check in with my teacher each day by phone, email, or Zoom.
  • I Log on to my online learning platform each day.
  • Monitor course progress
  • I am familiar with the pacing goals that I have set for my classes.  I ask myself, “Am I on track to complete the course work on time?”
  • I routinely check my understanding of the course material.  
  • I am reaching out to my teachers if I need help.
  • I am studying for upcoming quizzes and tests.
  • Establish a positive learning environment at home
  • I have created a space where I live to complete my school work.
  • The area I use for school has good lighting, is free of distractions, and contains the resources I need for school.
  • Set goals
  • I write down my weekly goals for each course.
  • Communicate with teacher
  • I know how to reach my teacher if I need help.
  • I have their email or phone number displayed in my work space.
  • Be healthy 
  • I get enough sleep at night so that I can wake up and be ready for school.
  • I take breaks during the day to get outside, do something I enjoy, eat breakfast and lunch, and keep my mind fresh.  
  • I find ways to balance the amount of time I spend in front of my computer screen.
  • I find opportunities to connect with friends and social events that keep me connected to the people I care about.
  • I ask for help if I ever feel overwhelmed or stuck on a particular course.  
  • Practice positive school behaviors
  • I have created a daily schedule.
  • I have a system for studying and preparing for quizzes and tests.
  • I ask for help when I need it.
  • My course materials, assignments, and notes are organized and easily accessible.  
  • Understand the course expectations
  • I have reviewed the expectations for each course with my teacher.
  • I know how much work I need to complete each week so that I do not get behind.  
  • Be actively engaged in the course and lessons
  • My “classroom” is free of distractions so that I can focus on any videos, readings, or lectures when I am working on my courses. 
  • I log on to my courses when I am ready to be fully present.  
  • Seek help when needed (teachers, counselor, principals)
  • When I get stuck, I ask for help.
  • Demonstrate learning with completion of assignments
  • I complete all of my assignments when they are due.
  • I correct any errors in my original thinking.
  • I keep practicing until I fully understand.
  • I am proud of the scores I earn on my quizzes and tests.
  • Follow the student Code of Conduct
  • I follow the school expectations that are found in my school’s student handbook. 
  • I am out of bed, appropriately dressed, and ready to fully participate in any Zoom classes or meetings.
  • Use equipment as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy
  • I understand that by signing Mead acceptable use policy I will use my technology for school related purposes.  
  • Be patient with yourselves and your teachers- we are all learning together!
  • I understand that this is different and will prove to be challenging.  If I need help I will ask.
  • If I do poorly on a quiz or test, I can always ask questions and take it again!