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Masks & PPE

The Washington Department of Health requires all staff, students, volunteers and guests to wear a mask at school. Links below will be updated as the Washington Department of Health, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and Labor & Industries releases new information.
    • Masks are required in class and non-instructional times like on the bus to and from school, walking to and from the school building and during recess & passing times. 
    • Masks are required during lunch when NOT eating. Students will have lanyards to keep their mask in a safe and convenient place while eating.
    • The only exceptions to wearing a mask are those with medical exemptions documented with a note from their health care provider (MD, DO, ARNP, PAC).
    • In addition to protecting you, wearing a face covering helps protect others in case you are infected but do not have symptoms. 
A mask is a cloth face covering that covers both your nose and mouth. It can be: 
    • A sewn mask with ties or straps that go around the head or behind the ears.
    • Made from a variety of materials like cotton, fleece or linen.
    • Factory-made or home-made.
    • Neck gaiters and masks with valves do not meet the masking requirement.
Wearing a mask is easy once you know how.
    • Wash your hands before putting on your face covering.
    • Put it over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin.
    • Try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face.
    • Make sure you can breath easily.
    • When eating lunch clip your mask to your lanyard.
    • Try not to touch the face covering and hold by elastic around the ears instead. If you do accidentally, wash your hands. 
The following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided for each student:
    • 1 cloth mask which student is responsible for laundering at home.
    • 1 lanyard with a clip to use for your face mask when not in use (like when eating or drinking). 
The district will also supply the following PPE to staff to keep them safe:
    • 2 cloth masks per staff member.
    • 1 clear face shield per staff member
      • If just wearing a shield w/o a mask, still need to stay 6 feet apart.
      • Pair with a fabric neck covering to prevent particles from traveling underneath the shield. 
    • 1 clear mask per day for specialists & staff that work with students that need visual of mouth/lips for learning.
    • Washable and/or disposable gowns for specific staff and health room staff.
    • Surgical grade (KN95) masks for staff working in health room, screening station, Symptom Room and for students who become ill at school.
    • Gloves will be widely available if needed for protection.