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Fall 2020 Reopening » Special Education Reopening FAQ's

Special Education Reopening FAQ's

The preschool programs (Developmental Preschool, Early Learning Center and ECEAP)

will be changing from four half days per week to two full days per week.  This is for health and safety reasons, i.e. allowing for cleaning at the end of the day, minimizing bus rides, etc. The time in the program will remain the same for all students.  The service times will remain the same, including specialists i.e. occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. 


There will be a virtual component available for students who are unable to attend in person. Parents of preschool students will be contacted in the upcoming weeks to determine enrollment and scheduling. 
If the district were to move to full remote learning, students who are the most at-risk would have the opportunity to attend in-person classes every day. This is typically students who receive the majority of their instruction and services in the  Developmental Learning Center or the Compass Program. 
Any changes to the IEP will need to occur through an IEP meeting or an amendment, which requires parental participation.  The IEP will outline any changes that need to occur for the remote learning option.   

 If the student experienced gaps in special education services because of health and safety limitations posed by COVID-19, recovery services are intended to address those gaps and enable the student to make progress on IEP goals.  Recovery services are not the same as extended school year services or compensatory education. 

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Recovery services are currently built into the secondary schedule (alternating Fridays via virtual online platforms).  Recovery services at the elementary level, may need to occur on a more independent schedule outside of the regular school day. 

If the student is enrolled in the Mead School District full time - regardless of whether the student is receiving in-person or remote instruction - the District will provide the student with the services he or she is entitled to based on the student’s evaluation and IEP.  


If a parent home schools his or her child and enrolls the child part time in the District, the student can access their choice of services offered by the District. Parents can choose to access any services the student is eligible during the time of this pandemic, according to each student's IEP.

 IEPs and evaluations will be completed in distance learning.  We will be collecting data for goal areas while a student is attending school either virtually or in person.  If there is a need for formalized testing, an appointment may be scheduled for in person or virtual assessments. 
We were extremely diligent completing IEP’s in the spring, with an on time completion rate of 96%.  The District will work with parents to schedule IEP meetings at a mutually agreed upon time and place.  IEPs can be held in person, virtually or over the phone, 
This is an IEP team decision, as some families may not want to risk the exposure of a general education classroom. 
Yes, students will be assigned a special education teacher/case manager to help oversee and provide services to students in the remote learning model. 
We are exploring various modalities of providing services.  These may be in person services at your local school, or virtual services.  If there is a large enough need, the district may open another site for in person services. 
Progress monitoring will be occurring on a regular basis, with progress reports being sent out as determined by the IEP.  This can occur through online programs, with parental input, etc. 

When the special education staff (education specialists, school psychologists, special education teachers and case managers) return in September, they will reach out to families to work through logistics and questions for individual students, IEPs and evaluations.   If you have further questions, please contact Suzanne McKibbon or KellieJo Timberlake at or