Mead School District 354

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Our Staff

Staff Directory
Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kevin Peterson 509-465-7600
Associate Executive Director Suzanne McKibbon 509-465-7605
Director Andrea Staton 509-465-7606
Administrative Assistant Debbie Reil 509-465-7604
Office Phone: 509-465-7600 Fax: 509-465-7646

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Work Email

Phone- 509-465-

Candace Ainslie Administrative Assistant 7624
Kalin Armstrong Physical Therapist 7623
Teresa Arnzen Educational Specialist 7608
Jodie Ash Educational Specialist 7431
Dorsey Ausband Braillist of the 
Visually Impaired 7612
DeAnn Beeman OT/PT Para Educator 7600
Dawn Belding-Wilson Occupational Therapist 7847
Becca Bigelow PT Para Educator 7600
Mary Binder Administrative Assistant Assisted Technology 7623
Deborah Bone Occupational Therapist 7600
Tera Brasch Educational Specialist 7607
Karen Breitenbach OT/PT Para Educator 7600
Gloria Burton OT/PT Para Educator 7600
Hayley Calhoun Educational Specialist 7687
Julia Carrell Psychologist 7631
Kim Clark Educational Specialist 7614
Tina Elliott Educational Specialist 7609
Kathy Erb Administrative Assistant 7603
Rhonda Fischer Speech/Language Pathologist 7173
Teresa Fogarty Educational Specialist 7691
Susan Gentry Speech/Language Pathologist 6472
Kim Gortsema Educational Specialist 7620
Derek Hardin Interpreter (PSE) 7600
Brenna Hendrickson Speech/Language Pathologist 7600
Kristin Hermann Psychologist 7685
Amy Hill Occupational Therapist 7600
Ashly Hoffman Speech/Language Pathologist 6492
Brittany Hopkins Speech/Language Pathologist 6264
Sarah James Psychologist 7681
Melissa Kehr Speech/Language Pathologist 7418
Sara Kenney Physical Therapist 7600
Brenda Lacey Speech/Language Pathologist 6568
Kelly Leaf Occupational Therapist 7600
Suzanne McKibbon Associate Executive Director 7605
Laura McCune Educational Specialist 7688
Shannon Main Speech/Language Pathologist 6367
Jenny Martinsen Speech/Language Pathologist 7543
Lindsey Masiarek Physical Therapist 7600
Bethany Mason Occupational Therapist 6555
Emily Miller Interpreter (PSE) 7600
Cathy Moczulski Psychologist 7686
Donn Nelson Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing 7683
Jill Olson Psychologist 7611
Jacob Oritt Interpreter (PSE) 7600
Chrissy Osborne Physical Therapist 7600
Katie Patry Physical Therapist 7600
Laura Pederson Speech/Language Pathologist 6835
Kevin Peterson Assistant Superintendent 7600
Sophie Pichardo Speech/Language Pathologist 7418
Jeannie Poole Occupational Therapist 7600
Sarah Ramsden Speech/Language Pathologist 7600
Robin Rash Speech/Language Pathologist 6772
Debra Reil Administrative Assistant 7604
Kim Sain Psychologist 7619
Kristin Sims-Cutler Psychologist 7696
Tammy Spence Speech/Language Pathologist 7395
Andrea Staton Director 7606
Cary Strate Occupational Therapist 7600
Lindy Terry Psychologist 7615
Heather Thoburn Psychologist 7621
Stephanie Wall Occupational Therapist 7600
Russell Wiemers Interpreter (PSE) 7600
Jennifer Wigen Speech/Language Pathologist 7600
Mary Pfannenstiel-Wilner Teacher of the Visually Impaired 7612
Danette Wurst Physical Therapist 7600