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PEP Grant

PEP GRANT Project HAL (Healthy, Active, Living)

The Mead School District’s mission statement for our Fitness and Health Program is, “Dedicated to giving our K-12 students the knowledge and skills necessary to live healthy active lifestyles today and in the future. We promote positive experiences through a consistent and progressive movement-based curriculum.” Our title, Project Hal (Healthy, Active Living), will provide students with the:

• Value of exercise for physical, social and emotional benefits
• Lifetime fitness skills to live a healthy and productive life
• Opportunities to improve or maintain fitness through fitness planning

Our school district has received an incredible and rare opportunity for the Physical Education Program (PEP), a Carol M. White PEP Grant, from the Federal Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools. This project will help prepare our students to lead active and healthy lives. To meet this goal, there will be an emphasis on helping students increase their health and fitness knowledge and form healthy habits. Our PEP Grant is for 3 years for the following amounts: $430,409 Year 1, $351,749 Year 2 and $290,252 Year 3 for a total of $1,072,410. You can read the official press release here.

Mead School District Health, Fitness, and P.E. programs continue to assess and gather student information as part of their ongoing programs measuring student fitness levels. This grant requires additional data be collected on physical activity, nutrition and physical fitness. A fitness measure that may be new for your child is the collection of height and weight. Weight measurements will be conducted in a sensitive manner so that only the student and PE teacher/staff member are able to see the results. Our purpose is to teach and inform students for a lifetime of fitness! Below is a quick descriptor of each fitness measurement:

BMI - BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is derived from the height and weight of a student and is an indicator of overall health.
Pacer - Progressive interval measurement used to assess cardio-respiratory endurance.
Sit and Reach - The sit and reach measures flexibility of the hamstrings and lower back.
Curl-Ups - This measurement determines the amount of muscular endurance in the abdominals and hips.
Push-Ups - The push-up is a measure of upper body muscular strength, which is performed by doing as many right angle push-ups as possible.
Trunk Lift - The trunk lift is a measure of lower back strength and flexibility.

The data collected in this project will take place up to three times this school year beginning in January. Fitness testing completed in your son/daughter’s physical education class will measure his/her five components of fitness which include: cardio respiratory endurance, body composition, muscular strength/endurance, and flexibility. These measurements will be compared against national fitness standards. The purpose in collecting this data is to measure your son/daughter’s growth. Your child's scores will be referenced to health standards on measurement items if data is available.

Other data collected during the PEP grant will include a pre and post quiz for nutrition and components of fitness. In addition, some district students will be selected in our random sample for the federal grant requirement, which will include: Pedometer log, Nutrition survey, and Activity log. If your son/daughter is selected in the project, you will receive an additional packet of directions and resources.

Any data used to describe the results of this project will not use your child’s name or other personal information. Only general group averages will be described in the project’s report to the Department of Education for our federal grant requirements.

If you have questions regarding data collection please contact your child’s PE teacher. If you have questions regarding the PEP Grant, please contact Kim Montecucco, 465-6027.

Year One Pep Grant GPRA Measures Report:

1.   Moderate to vigorous activity      -  Increase of 21% from the first collection to the last one
2.   Healthy Fitness Zones                -  increase of   8% from the first collection to the last one
3.   Fruit & Vegetable consumption   -  increase of 12% from first to last

Curriculum Resources:

Other Web Resources:

Unites States Deparment of Agriculture Choose My Plate website (USDA)

First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move website. Helpful tips and step-by-step strategies for families, schools and communities to help kids be more active, eat better and grow up healthy. Click here!