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Elementary School Athletics

The philosophy of elementary athletics is to introduce motor skills, knowledge of rules, tactics, and sportsmanship necessary for students to participate in extramural competition. 

 Permission slips for all sports activities will be handed out to eligible students prior to each sport's season. The permission slip will require a parent signature and includes the requirements for participation. Boys will practice on Mondays & Wednesdays. Girls will practice on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  

Register Here with Family ID for Elementary After School Sports

Remember to save your username and password, as this will be the information you will need throughout the years in the Mead School District for signing up for all activities.

District Calendar for Elementary Activities 2019-20

Elementary Activities


Activities -
Primary Grades
5 & 6 / *4th Track only
* Track


Activity Participation Fee Information

Mead School District takes great pride in all the extra-curricular activities and programs we provide for Mead students. During the past several years, with the increase in school funding problems, it has become increasingly difficult to offer the same level of quality programs as we have in the past. 

After looking at a variety of cost saving measures, and comparing other school district participation costs, the Mead School District Board of Directors approved an annual, one-time activity fee.  Any student, who wishes to participate in one or more extra-curricular activities, will pay an annual participation fee.

(Elementary $25; Middle School $35; High School $45)

The purpose of this annual fee is to allow Mead to continue our K-12 extra-curricular activities and programs. Mead students will be required to pay their fee prior to participation in sports and/or activities. The participation fee may be waived or reduced dependent upon a student’s free or reduced lunch status. The fee can be paid online at the (MSD online payment site)  or by a check to the school.