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Construction News

Mead High Single Point of Entry

The Mead High main entry and front office are in the process of being reconfigured into a single point of entry. The finished product will provide a second set of double doors and create a small foyer directing parents and visitors into the main office once the school day starts.

Mt. Spokane HS Single Point of Entry

The design of the new Mt. Spokane single point of entry is outstanding. If you didn't know otherwise you would think this safety feature had always been in place.

Summer 2017 - Mt. Spokane Refinished Gym Floor

This summer the gym floor at Mt. Spokane HS was completed sanded down, Wildcat logo added at center court and three-point arc stained a beautiful contrasting mahogany. The gym floor at Mead High was similarly upgrade last summer.

Windows . . . New Northwood

Check out the large classroom windows that will provide plenty of natural light in the new Northwood building.

August 2017 - Repurposing Current NW Band & Choir Rooms

In addition to retaining the old Northwood gym and remodeling it to be a second athletic facility for the new school, the current band and choir rooms have been dismantled and will become state-of-the-art technology teaching spaces.

August 2017 - Farwell Elementary Single Point of Entry

The new single point of entry at Farwell Elementary is nearly complete. Parents & visitors will now be buzzed into the main office via a new door located just inside the main entry. Monies to complete this project were approved by voters as part of the February 2015 Facilities Improvement Bond.

August 9, 2017 - Midway Modernization Update

The Midway Elementary renovation is in full-swing. Steel is being installed that will be a part of the new kitchen and multipurpose room, exterior walls are coming down and the inside of the north and east wings have been excavated so that footings can be poured for new walls.

Polished Concrete

Instead of carpet or tile in hallways and in the commons/cafeteria the New Northwood will have long-lasting and easy to maintain polished concrete floors.

July 19, 2017 - Midway Modernization Update

Lots of activity around Midway this week. The portable classrooms have been arriving and are being set up in preparation for the start of school. The north and east wings are now completely opened up and framing of new walls is just around the corner.

June 30, 2017 - New Northwood Construction Update

As the pictures illustrate, construction on the New Northwood is progressing at a brisk pace. The two story building design is not only extremely functional but also blends beautifully with the current Northwood building and Farwell Elementary, which are located on the same campus as the new building.
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