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Projects Scheduled for Summer 2015

Carpet Replacement - Industrial grade carpet tiles have been selected for installation at Brentwood, Evergreen, Farwell and Meadow Ridge. Going with carpet squares will allow for economical repairs, when needed, in the years to come. For example, if a small section of hallway sustains damage only the tiles impacted will need to be replaced, not the entire corridor.
Roof Replacement/Resurfacing - The roofs at Brentwood, Evergreen and Meadow Ridge will be resurfaced using an industrial silicone coating process. The district has used this same resurfacing process on other building roofs with excellent results.
High School Track Resurfacing - In addition to being resurfaced the tracks at Mt. Spokane and Mead High will also have concrete curbing installed on track interiors to prevent breakdown of the newly installed surface.
Brentwood Portables Upgrade - Plans have been drawn up and work will take place to add restrooms to portable classrooms at Brentwood Elementary.