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Hagan Foundation Grant Awards

Partnering with Lakeside High School, Mt. Spokane will use the grant to purchase and implement IRIS Connect technology to aid English teachers in the self-reflection process/professional development. Additionally, English teachers from both schools will be able to engage in cross-district collaboration while receiving two formal training opportunities.

Riverpoint Academy will use the grant funds to purchase the following:

DiWire - The DiWire allows students to use 2D/3D software workflows to create new types of upscale prototypes quickly that can also extend into "finish quality" work.
Drill Press - The drill press will speed up the prototyping process and drastically improve the accuracy of drilling operations.
Large Format Vinyl Cutter - Students are ready to move beyond the two small vinyl cutters the Hagan Foundation graciously funded with an earlier grant. This large format vinyl cutter will increase the range of project options for students.

Click here to learn more about the Hagan Foundation.