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Multilingual Education

Our priority is to assure equity and excellence in education, promoting high-quality instruction and meaningful school engagement for Multilingual Students (MLs), leading to post-secondary pathways, careers, civic engagement, and global citizenship. This includes incorporating and encouraging bilingualism and the unique linguistic and cultural assets of our MLs, their families, and the community they represent.

Program Evaluation
ML students are assessed annually by the Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment (WELPA). Student assessment data is carefully analyzed and monitored. The assessment scores are sent to both the parents and the classroom/content area teachers along with a description of proficiency levels.

Multilingual Staff:

Student Eligibility and Placement is determined by the following:

  • The Home Language Survey (English) or Additional Languages
  • The Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment (within the student’s first 10 days of attendance) Standards
  • Under federal guidelines, parents must be informed of student placement in a language program within 30 days of placement.


Community Resources