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Learning & Teaching

Welcome to Learning and Teaching Services! Check out the menu on this page to get more information about academic programming in the Mead School District or contact the staff below.

Address: 2323 E. Farwell Rd, Mead, WA 99021
Telephone: (509) 465-6014
Fax: (509) 465-6021

Learning and Teaching Services Staff

Heather  Havens Assistant Superintendent 465-6041
Jeff Naslund Director (Secondary Education) 465-6005
Robin Placzek

Director (Elementary Education) + 465-6034
    Assistant Director (State & Federal Programs)    
Moleena Harris Director (Data, Assessments & CTE) 465-6031
Cherie Eggleston   Specialist 465-6033
Trish Henry Curriculum Coordinator/District Librarian 465-6016
Tanya Gunther Curriculum Coordinator 465-6043