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Optional Chromebook Insurance

As part of our learning program, the Mead School District provides Chromebook access to all students. This device is the property of the Mead School District. Families have the opportunity to enroll in the district’s optional Chromebook Insurance Program (CIP) annually. 

While not mandatory, this insurance program is highly recommended as it provides coverage in the event the device is lost or damaged.  

To opt into the insurance program, there is an annual fee. Free/Reduced lunch options requests available at your school.  Fees must be paid prior to September 16, 2022.  To purchase Chromebook insurance, follow the directions at the bottom of this page.

Chromebook insurance costs, coverages and more information are available at the links below:

Opting out of the program means families of students in Grades 3-12 (K-12 for Mead Learning Options) will be held financially responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement associated with any damaged, lost or stolen equipment. A fine will be placed on student accounts for the cost of replacing or repairing the equipment. 

Lack of action prior to September 16, 2022, will be considered an opt-out. 

Questions? Please contact your child’s school with questions on how to purchase Chromebook insurance.


Online Payments for Chromebook Insurance

Reminder - you must pay to opt in: 
There are 2 ways to sign in to make a payment on a student's account. 

  1. Sign into your PowerSchool parent/student account you set up to access Touch Base. Use an internet browser from a computer, laptop or tablet to sign in. 
  2. Once signed in, click the icon on the left panel labeled Purchases and Payments and you will be taken to Touch Base without having to sign in. 
  3. Click on the student you are shopping for and select Chromebook insurance located in the categories section, cart and check out. 

If you did not create a single student or family account, you can access online payments from the website: 

  1. Go to Parent/Staff Logins tab at the top of the homepage, click Online payments (touch base) and scroll down to the user name and password. 
  2. Enter Student username and enter password; which is last name only, first letter capitalized. 
  3. Click on the student you are shopping for and select shop for items at student's school and select Chromebook insurance (listed within categories), cart and check out. 

If you do not already have a parent account set up or do not know your student’s username you must contact your student’s school and they can walk you through the online payment process.