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International Student Exchange

Mead School District believes that International Student Exchange can be an enriching experience for students, families and schools.

Every year, each of our high schools set aside five (5) seats for students involved in a certified foreign exchange program. Until May 1st of the previous year, each school will accept one student from each exchange program that submits a complete application. If there are still openings available after May 1st they will be awarded to students on a first come, first served basis. Schools will not accept applications or make placements after August 30th.

Things to Remember:

  • Host Families must live in the school attendance area where their exchange student will be attending.
  • In order to have a successful exchange experience, students are expected to attend school for the full school year. No one semester requests will be granted.
  • Schools will not "save a space" for exchange programs without a completed application packet which includes the name of the student involved as well as contact information for the host family.
  • Mead School District will only place students that are affiliated with foreign exchange programs that are placed on the approved list by the Washington Secretary of State.