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M&O Staff

In case of an emergency -- such as a power outage, gas leak, or broken water pipes, please contact Maintenance and Operations (509) 465-6138.

Director: Travis Bown 509-465-6138
Administrative Assistant: Renee Anderson 509-465-6138
Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Brett 509-465-6137


First Name

Last Name


Work Email

Phone- 509-465-

Renee Anderson Administrative Assistant 6138
Travis Avery Plumber 6138
Kevin Bolton Carpenter 6138
Travis Bown Director 6138
Chad Brayton Maintenance Foreman 6138
Branden Camp Grounds Maintenance 6138
Nick Camp Grounds Foreman 6138
Justin Cole General Maintenance 6138
Ryan Epley General Maintenance 6138
Anton Fox Painter 6138
John Gill Security Technician 7632
Katie Granado Purchasing & Warehouse Specialist 6150
Bailey Hiebert Stadium Grounds Maintenance 6138
Alex Kassa Grounds Maintenance 6138
Mark Krahn HVAC Technician 6138
Larry Madison General Maintenance 6137
Jim Niska Electrician 6166
Dennis O'Neall General Maintenance 6138
Tom Poe HVAC Technician 6138
Wade Pratt General Maintenance 6138
Nicco Sesso Groundskeeper 6138
Wade Shaw Carpenter 6138
Jim Snyder Plumber 6138
Jason Van Fredenberg Electrician  6138