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Can my child ride the school bus?

It depends on where you live. According to Mead School District Policy: "It shall be the policy of the Mead School District Board of Directors to provide school bus transportation to and from school for all eligible students. All bus stops will be at least one (1) radius mile from the destination school unless identified hazardous conditions or other district identified special circumstance, require stops within the radius mile. Students in grades K-12 who reside beyond one radius mile from their assigned school shall be transported to school if they walk or parent/guardians transport them to their assigned pick-up/drop-off location approximately one radius mile from school. Ridership guidelines shall be enforced."

Can my Kindergarten student ride the bus?

Yes, call the school secretary and she will give you bussing information. The school will notify transportation and your child will then be added to the route. Remember Kindergarten students MUST be met by a parent, authorized adult or older sibling at the bus stop. If you want your child released without a parent meeting them, we must have a written note on file. Your child’s safety is our utmost concern.

Will you transport my child to and from a daycare facility?

If the child uses a childcare facility (daycare) and that facility is both within the school attendance area the child attends and more than (1) mile from the school and space is available on the bus, daycare students may ride. No stops will be added and no routes will be altered in order to accommodate daycare students. Please call the District Transportation office at 465-6107, to see if your child is eligible for school bus transportation. In order to provide accurate information concerning eligibility, we will need the exact address of the child's residence or childcare facility.

How is eligibility for transportation determined?

Mead School District determines transportation eligibility using a global positioning system (GPS) device, which measures mileage to the nearest hundredth (0.01) of a mile. The distance is measured by the nearest and best route from the junction of the driveway of the pupil's home and the nearest public road to the nearest door of the schoolhouse in their attendance area.

Are there any exceptions to the one mile rule?

Yes. According to Mead School District Policy, "the district shall provide transportation to and from school for students whose walking route to school is considered hazardous by the district; whose disability prevents him/her from walking or providing for his/her own welfare while walking; or who has another compelling and legally sufficient reason to receive transportation services.”

How do I register my child to ride the school bus?

The first step is to let the secretary at the school know that you would like to request transportation. The secretary will review whether or not the student meets the eligibility criteria and inform the parent/guardian whether or not the student is eligible.

If your child is new to the district or you have moved, please phone Mead Transportation and have them added to the bus rosters. The Mead Transportation Secretary will then provide you with your bus information.

If your child is not new to the district but just has not ridden the bus yet, please check the Mead Transportation website. You will find a link to find your transportation information; including bus stop location, drop off and pick up times.

If your child is a special needs student, please contact your child's special needs teacher or case worker to begin the process for transportation services.

How do I get my child to school if they can't ride the school bus?

The final decision about what is the most appropriate way to get a child safely to and from school rests with the parent(s)/guardian(s). The parent/guardian is the person most knowledgeable about the child's abilities and is in the best position to choose the safest and most appropriate way in their area to get the child safely to and from school. Some options for consideration include: walking with a parent/guardian; walking in a group with other students/parents; being driven to school (by a parent/guardian, grandparents, friends, etc.); carpooling; riding bikes; public transportation; private transportation providers; and childcare providers.

What if my child would like to go home with a friend?

If they want to go home with a friend after school then the driver will need to have a written request from the parent. The student will need to take the parent note into the school office. The school secretary will issue a "bus pass" that the student will need to give the driver. The child's ability to ride is based on bus seat availability and appropriate behavior.

Can my elementary school student ride the middle school or high school bus to Mead School District band, orchestra, or choir programs?

No, the Mead School District does not allow elementary student to be transported with middle school or high school students.

Can my student ride the bus to private music lessons, scouts, study groups or employment (non-curricular activities)?
No, the Mead School District is funded to transport students from home to school and then from school to home. No requests for personalized bussing services will be considered, i.e., transportation to birthday parties, music lessons, scouts, study groups, employment, etc. Further, bus routing, stop locations and times will not be modified to accommodate businesses or private enterprises.

How are school bus stops established?

Routes are established to serve all students in an area. Every effort is made to establish school bus stops near where a greater number of students live. Stop locations and distances may vary depending upon the number of students in the area and the type of area (urban/rural) served.

How do I request a school bus stop be added or changed?

Please call the District's transportation office at 465-6107 to request a bus stop/route change request form. Each request is evaluated before the decision is made to add or change a stop. If a stop change is approved, it may take three to five working days to have it implemented because other riders need to be notified of the change and, in some cases, a bus or buses may need to be rerouted.

I don't think my child's bus stop is in a safe location. What can I do?

Please call the District's transportation office at 465-6107 and advise them of the situation. They will investigate your concern and provide a response to you after completing an assessment of the situation.

My child has been assigned to another school due to overcrowding. Will you provide transportation to and from the school to which they have been assigned?

Yes, the school secretary will forward the request for transportation to our office. Transportation will be set up within three to five working days.

I have had an intradistrict or interdistrict transfer approved to send my child to another school. Will you provide transportation to and from the school to which they have been assigned?

Ultimately, it is the parents responsibility to transport the student to the choice school. But if there is a bus route in the area; room on the existing bus for the child; no additional stop is required for the child; and if the transportation is provided on a DAILY basis, then you may transport your child to an existing bus stop and your student will be transported to and from school at that stop.

I have a special needs child. How do I arrange for transportation services?

Please contact your child's special needs teacher or case worker to begin the process for transportation services. Once the Mead Transportation office receives the transportation request from Mead Special Services we will add your child to a special needs route and then provide you with the bus information.

I don't feel comfortable sending my child to the house down the street. Why can't the stop be at my house?

A bus stop is comprised of a series of actions designed with safety as the utmost concern. The driver follows set procedures in executing the stop - stopping, observing, opening the door, boarding or releasing passengers, observing, crossing, closing the door, and so on. It is safer for these stops to be distributed in distance and time to allow the driver to complete all these actions. More stops will also increase the length of the bus ride. As a final note, safety is in numbers and students and parents may find that walking/waiting in groups provides extra security.

I cannot see my child's bus stop from my house. Should this be a concern?

Visibility from home to the bus stop is not part of the district criteria for establishing bus stops. Bus stops are collection points within a neighborhood. If parents/ guardians are concerned about watching their child at the stop, it is recommended that they accompany the student to/from the stop.

My child's bus ride seems very long, and I'm only 5 minutes from school. What can be done about that?

All our elementary routes range from 15 to 60 minutes long, depending on the school and pick up area. Although the time from home directly to school may be probably only 5 minutes or less, routing requirements may not always result in a quick ride home. We transport an average of 65 students per bus, sometimes making 25 stops. Parents always have the option to drop and pick up their student(s) directly from school.

My child will be attending summer school. Will you provide transportation to and from school?

No. The Mead School District does not provide transportation for the summer school program.

What happens when I get a “ticket” from the bus driver?

If you violate one the “Rules and Regulations for Students Riding School Buses”, your bus driver may issue you a citation (ticket). The first ticket generally results as a warning, based on the seriousness of the infraction, and reminder of the rules. A copy is sent to your parents and the school principal. A second ticket may result in a three-day suspension from riding the bus. The suspension will be arranged between your parents and the office staff at the Transportation Department. A third ticket may result in a five-day suspension.

Mead Transportation Contact Information:

Office hours: 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Phone number: 465-6107 FAX: 465-6120