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Transportation of Students


The Board of Directors of Mead School District #354 believes it in the best interest of the district to offer a program of free student transportation to students enrolled in the Mead Schools who reside within statutory limitations. This program will be limited to qualifying students in the K12 program and students enrolled in the handicapped preschool program.

Transportation routes shall be established in a manner which safely and efficiently serves eligible students and which meets the needs of special students. Students may be required to travel not in excess of one mile to a bus route so established. Separate routes shall be established for elementary and secondary students so that these students will not be transported together.

Students transferred to a school outside of their attendance area, because of space requirements, handicapped or special educational programs not available at their school, will be provided transportation when the change in school has been directed by the Superintendent and is in the best interest of the school district.

Mead School District’s transportation program shall comply in all ways with state law and regulation. Transportation services of the district may include approved bus routes, district approved field trips, school activities (participants only) and extracurricular activities (rooters).

Routes And Schedules

The Superintendent shall be responsible for scheduling bus transportation, including the determination of routes and bus stops, as well as overseeing the transportation program.

The purpose of bus scheduling and routing is to achieve maximum service with a minimum fleet of buses insofar as this is consistent with rendering safe and reasonably equal service to all students entitled to such service. The Board may authorize the use of a districtwide passenger car in lieu of a bus for transporting students to and from school.

In order to operate the transportation system as safely and efficiently as possible, the following factors shall be considered in establishing bus routes:

A. Where an alternate route may be considered without sacrifice of efficiency or economy, preference shall be given to that route more directly serving the largest number of students.

B. Location of bus stops may be determined by such factors as student safety, economy and efficiency. Students may be required to walk up to one mile from their driveway to their bus stop provided that the walking route is safe.

C. School schedules shall be adjusted to allow maximum utilization of each bus in the system by alternating elementary and secondary trips.

Mead School District shall apply for state transportation apportionment funds and shall maintain the records required to obtain such funding.

Snow Routes

Mead School District shall develop snow routes and schedules to be used in particular areas of the district when weather conditions make the usual routes impassable or hazardous. At the beginning of the school year, snow route information shall be distributed to affected parents with instructions about alternate route information.

If roads are closed to buses, but not to private vehicles, the district may continue to operate the instructional programs of the schools without providing bus transportation until the roads are again open to buses.


The transportation supervisor shall review the contents of the School Bus Driver's Handbook with each driver prior to the beginning of each school year. Each driver, in turn, is expected to follow the procedure as outlined in the handbook.

In the event of an accident, the driver shall make contact with the transportation supervisor who shall:

A. Determine the nature of the accident;

B. Contact emergency services if there is reason to believe that there are injuries which require immediate attention;

C. Contact the state patrol regarding the accident;

D. Advise the superintendent of schools or designee;

E. Investigate the accident and gather the names of all students and witnesses;

F. Dispatch another bus to transport the student to their destination;

G. Contact the parent(s) or guardian(s) of any students who are injured. To facilitate the responsibilities assigned to the transportation department, the transportation supervisor, in cooperation with the school bus drivers, will compile a list of students, including addresses and phone numbers, that are authorized to ride each bus route.

Replaces Mead School District Policy 6410

Adopted: April 30, 2007