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Transportation » Rules and Regulation / Riding the Bus

Rules and Regulation / Riding the Bus

MEAD SCHOOL District -- Rules & Regulations for Students Riding School Buses

These rules and regulations were prepared in coordination with the Washington State Patrol and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and apply to all Mead School District #354 buses and their passengers.

1. The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and pupils. The pupils must obey the driver promptly and willingly.

2. Pupils shall ride their regularly assigned bus at all times, unless permission has been granted by the school authorities. School authorities should verify with the driver, availability of extra seating space and should not issue bus passes for non-regular riders if it will cause standees on the bus.

3. Unless by permission of school authorities, no pupil shall be permitted to leave the bus except at her/his or her regular stop.

4. Each pupil may be assigned a seat in which she/he will be seated at all times unless permission to change is given by the school principal and/or driver.

5. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct must be obeyed. Classroom conduct means pupils will:

  • A. Sit properly in their seats.
  • B. Refrain from throwing objects.
  • C. Keep their hands to themselves.
  • D. Be courteous to their fellow passengers.

6. Pupils are to assist in keeping the bus clean by keeping their waste paper off the floor. Pupils must also refrain from throwing refuse out of the windows.

7. To keep the bus clean, there will be no eating or drinking on non-Trip buses. Eating and drinking will be allowed for trip buses if there is another supervising adult (Staff, Coach, School Official) on the bus. The supervising adult may decide to allow the exception and assumes responsibility for the cleanliness of the bus and any health issues that arise as a result of eating and drinking on the bus.

8. No pupil will light matches or any other item on the school bus.

9. No pupil shall open a window on the school bus without first getting permission from the school bus driver.

10. No pupil shall at any time extend her/his head, hands, or arms out of the windows, whether school bus in motion or standing still.

11. Pupils must see that they have nothing in their possession that may cause injury to another, such as sticks, breakable containers, and any type of firearms, straps or pins extending from their clothing. No type of animal is permitted on the bus.

12. Each pupil must see that her/his books and personal belongings are kept out of the aisle. Special permission must be granted by school authorities to transport any large times.

13. No pupil will be allowed to talk to the driver more than is necessary.

14. No pupil shall sit in the driver's seat, nor shall any pupil be to the immediate left or right of the driver.

15. Pupils are to remain seated while the bus in motion and are not to get on or off the bus until the bus has come to a full stop. In the interest of safety, the driver may require that pupils request permission before moving seats.

16. Pupils must leave the bus in an orderly manner. They must not cross any roadway until given consent by the school bus driver. When boarding or leaving the bus, the pupils should be in view of the driver at all times.

17. Pupils must cross the highway only in front of the bus and never behind it.

18. Pupils must not stand or play in the roadway while waiting for the bus. Pupils should leave home early enough to arrive at the bus stop before the bus is due. Pupils are not to run errands between the bus stop and their home.

19. Self-discipline should be exercised by pupils at the bus loading area. Students should refrain from pushing and shoving other students.

20. Pupils who have to walk some distance along the highway to the bus-loading zone, where practicable, must walk on the left-hand-side facing the on-coming traffic. This will also apply to pupils leaving the bus-loading zone in the evening.

21. In the event of an actual emergency, emergency exit procedures, as established by the emergency exit drills, will be followed by all pupils.

22. Mead School District will be reimbursed for damage to school buses by students.

23. Pupils misconduct on a bus will be sufficient reason to discontinue providing bus transportation to those pupils involved. Pupils shall not use tobacco, alcohol or drugs and controlled substances on a bus.

24. Pupils shall not use profanity, obscene language or obscene gestures on a bus.

25. When a teacher, coach or other certificated staff member is assigned to accompany students on a bus, such person shall be primarily responsible for the behavior of the pupils in their charge. However, the bus driver shall have final authority and responsibility.

NOTE: Violation of any of the above rules of school bus discipline of Mead School District Policy may result in a suspension of a pupil's bus riding privileges.